Properties of green tea

Properties of green tea

Properties of green tea are known for ages all over the world. However, it is great to remember how magic this drink is and what can it actually do to our bodies.

First of all, it has strong antioxidant properties and it is considered to be a 20 times stronger antioxidant than vitamin E. Antioxidants protect our cells from the destructive effects of free radicals and therefore it delays aging and reduces the risk of getting cancer or cardiovascular diseases. The researches prove that there are less cases of cancer in those countries where green tea is more popular.

Moreover, green tea accelerates the metabolic rate and fat metabolism. It can also help for those who are on diet. Green tea has toning effect which helps with concentration, reduces fatigue and improves physical and mental activity.

Green tea contains polyphenols which also have a great effect on our health. The amount of polyphenols in green tea depends on its production, processing, storage and some other factors. Leaves of green tea contain around 8-12 percent of polyphenols.

Studies have proved that green tea is great for those who have cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol level, heart diseases, infections and weak immune system. In order to reach positive effects of green tea, you have to drink approximately 10 cups of green tea per day!



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