Pros and cons of being a vegetarian

Pros and cons of being a vegetarian

Although many of us take vegetarianism as a trend, which sooner or later will change, the truth is that people started eating just raw food ages ago. It is not clear how many vegetarians are in the world at the moment, but the number is growing every year.

So who are vegetarians? It is common to think that vegetarians are people who do not eat any kinds of meat – beef, pork, chicken, fish and any other kinds of animal derived food. They mainly eat vegetables, fruits, wheat, peas, beans, etc. However, they do not agree if dairy products and eggs should be considered as animal derived food. Some of them eat these products, some of them don’t.

The biggest problem that vegetarians have to deal with is getting sufficient amount of all nutrients. It is important to see how much proteins, calcium, iron they get. Also omega 3 acids and vitamin B12. Some people became vegetarians in their early age, others decide to become vegetarians when they are already adults. It is not easy to change your habits and you really have to plan what to buy, what to eat when you go to your friends, what to eat out and so on.

The good part about being a vegetarian is that you can avoid many diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, some cases of cancer. You can be vegetarian when you are pregnant or nursing. Kids can be vegetarians as well.



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