Pros and cons of Human Growth Hormone

Pros and cons of Human Growth Hormone

Synthetic Human growth hormone, otherwise known as HGH, is prescribed to tens of thousands of people each year at anti-aging or “age management” facilities. Those who take HGH supplements, say it can restore sagging physiques, flagging endurance and wilting libidos as well as cure depression. Human growth hormone supplements have also become popular between athletes who have been convinced that it builds muscle and improves their speed. However, the worrying part is the number of HEALTHY people who are taking HGH.

Most of the people produce plenty of human growth hormone when they are young. Our pituitary glands provide the hormone that additionally helps the bones to extend, muscles to grow and skin to stretch. According to studies, after the puberty HGH levels drop what results in aging, weaker bones, decreasing muscle mass and increasing fat mass. So, it doesn’t sound surprisingly the fact that in has been created synthetic HGH which was expected to change our natural HGH and keep us younger and healthier. Indeed, according to ‘The Times’, clinical studies show that healthy people (even if they are in their 60’s) after taking HGH supplements have a 14 percent decrease in their body fat, 8.8 percent increase in lean body mass and 1.6 percent increase in the bone density.

However, it should be also revealed bad news of using Human Growth Hormone. After some researches it has been found out that healthy people who took extra doses have noticed their bones to thicken, joint pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, edema and even congestive heart failure. Besides, it has been revealed that this hormone affects ability to metabolize carbohydrates in our body what may lead to imbalance of our blood-sugar and even initiate diabetes. It should be also told that doctors worry about another possible danger of HGH which results in tumors’ development and cancer because this hormone is a trigger for unbridled cell growth. It could cause cancers to grow and metastasize rapidly.


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