Real anti-wrinkle solutions

Real anti-wrinkle solutions

There are numerous beauty tricks that could be found online. However, most of them are based on scientific facts and haven’t even been tried by REAL women. Look at these anti-wrinkle beauty tricks that have been followed and gave surprising results.

Sleep on your back
Sleeping on your back helps to prevent wrinkles because you don’t touch your skin with your pillow.

Sleep on the silk
Sleep on a silk pillow because it’s much gentler for the skin. It’s a great material to avoid sleep lines.

Moisturize naturally
Extra virgin olive oil is a great moisturizer because it is loaded with antioxidants that don’t clog the pores and protects skin against cancer. So, pour some oil on a cotton ball and apply it on your face and neck.

Help for your cream
Every woman should try this simple recipe: as soon as you wash the face but before you put on the moisturizing or anti-aging cream, take an ice cube and rub over your face. This or even a splash of very cold water will help to feed your skin more because it will manage to absorb more supplements it needs.

Avoid straws
When you purse your lips, you initiate some unnecessary wrinkles. Avoid straws when drinking!

Apply honey on your hands
When the weather turns cold, apply the honey on your hands in order to help for your hands avoid redness or wounds. Do this for 3-6 days or nights and put on the gloves to improve the powers of honey.

Stand on your head
Standing on the head does miraculous things because our head and face are engorged with blood. Try doing this every day for five minutes and be pleased by youthful look!


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