Real facts about getting into shape

Real facts about getting into shape

Getting rid of some unwanted kilos becomes a real challenge for most of us. We hear numerous of advices on how to do it that reach us through the radio, television, magazines and the Internet. The experts have decided to make the end and to deny or to confirm the most popular myths about getting into a perfect shape:

We hear: if you want to lose weight, you must sweat. Specialists say that everything is actually quite wrong. Sweating is the cooling system of our body and its goal is to prevent the body from overheating. Therefore, the more we sweat, the more fluid, but not fat we lose.

Fitness workouts can’t make a guarantee that you will get rid of fat in those zones where you desire. According to experts, that’s because the layer of fat covers the entire body and sometimes, after strengthening the abdominal muscles, you may still can’t see them because they are hidden under a layer of fat. So, you will see a result only after losing fat, say the expert.

We can also calm all the women down when they start fearing of weight lifting because they believe that their muscles will grow enormously. It’s really not going to happen because women have less testosterone, which helps to grow muscle mass.

Experts say that the conviction that stretching before your workout will help prevent injuries is also wrong. Experts recommend a dynamic warm-up. The ideal variant is 15 minutes of long busy warm-up, reminding a lighter version of the actual workout.

And finally – the myth about eating before the bedtime: experts say that in this case all depends on what you eat before going to bed. If you indulge yourself with something what is fat or sweet, you will undoubtedly put on weight. In addition, there is a big chance that after eating such food at night you will wake up hungry. Therefore, the best food to eat at night is protein-rich. It will ensure the right dose of energy all night long.


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