Real facts about some useful products

Real facts about some useful products

These products are extremely beneficial to our body. If you use them on regular basis, you can become slimmer and live longer.

Garlic. Garlics contain more than 70 active substances that improve your heart. One of the most important ones is allicin. If you use garlic regularly, it can reduce blood pressure by 15-30 units. Allicin is also very effective in fighting against infections and bacteria. People, who eat garlics every day, develop cold 2-3 times less often. Some data suggest that one piece of garlic per day reduces the risk of blood clots in 20 percent.

Bitter chocolate. Dietitians value bitter chocolate because of polyphenols it contains. These antioxidants improve cardiovascular system and reduce cholesterol levels. You can eat 60 grams of bitter chocolate per day. Polyphenols normalizes blood pressure and reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by 20 percent. Chocolate scent suppresses appetite and enhances immunity.

Nuts. There are so many kinds of nuts that everybody can find what they like. However, different kinds of nuts have different properties. For example, 30 grams of almonds have the same amount of polyphenols as one cup of green tea, pistachios help to fight obesity, hazelnuts lower blood pressure. All nuts normalize ratio of bad and good cholesterol and have positive effect on fat metabolism.

Fruits and vegetables. Berries, fruits and vegetables contain more than 3000 bioflavonoids which strengthen blood vessels, improve their permeability and elasticity. In some fruits and vegetables active substances are distributed evenly and others can contain them in certain parts. For example, apples contain them in the peel. Bioflavonoids can inhibit inflammations and allergies, they also have antioxidant properties.



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