Reasons of gray hair

Reasons of gray hair

There is no scientific evidence that diet, herbs, supplements or other products could reduce the amount of graying hair and restore their natural color. However, some things might help you to stop your hair turning into gray.

First of all, you should know the factors that make our hair gray. Hair color is determined by the pigment called melanocytes. When human starts getting old melanocytes activity starts gradually decreasing until it finally stops producing the pigment. New hair grows without any pigment, so they become gray. Each of us is genetically defined the time when our hair will start becoming gray. While no one can stop this process, there have been researched a number of reasons making our hair go gray earlier than usual:

Lack of Vitamin B12, anemia. This may be related to food, because vitamin B12 can be found in meat, eggs and milk. This disease may start from a specific illness or surgery when the stomach becomes incapable of absorbing vitamin B12.

Melanocytes disease. This disease is connected to pigmentary disorder of the skin hair. When our skin starts loosing it, white spots and premature gray hair appear.

Early menopause.

Smoking. Smoking has been researched to be associated with premature gray hair.
After we know the factors that initiate premature graying, you should also know that you can prevent this process. In traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine it is though that premature graying is connected to blood problems and kidney health.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, these products could be helpful: hijiki sea-grass, black sesame seed and nettle tea. However, keep in mind that huge quantities of these products are not recommended. For example, excessive amount of iodine (in grass) may increase existing problems of thyroid. According to Ayurveda, when hair starts turning into gray, people should start using a plant called bringaraja (‘King of the hair’) It has the strengthening powers for liver and kidney and has been widely used in Ayurvedic hair oils.


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