Recovering from Easter treats

Recovering from Easter treats

For most of us, Easter weekend means tons of food and leads us straight away to problems of trying to fit in our jeans. If you see that your jeans have shrunk too and you believe that that’s because you have ate too much of sweet Easter treats, try these 5 tips to get back into your normal size.

Start your day with a protein-rich milkshake in the morning. To stabilize your blood sugar, don’t add any fruit but replace them with fresh or frozen greens, coconut milk or almond milk, flax seed or hemp seed. All these ingredients are very rich in fiber and are low in natural sugars.

Avoid sweeteners and diet drinks for a while. These drinks make people feel bloated and may also push them unexpectedly into another chocolate affair. According to nutritionists, water would be the best choice when trying to stabilize blood sugar level.

Drink your water with sea salt. Sugar bloat can be stopped with only one granule of sea salt, just add it to one liter of your water.

Figure out the real calorie intake and reverse it into the small steps. Just imagine: when you count about 1,000 extra calories over your Easter weekend, try to avoid your dessert for another week to consume 200 calories less than usual. This kind of deduction will save you calories and return your past lines.

Burn up to 500 calories with this workout recommended by fitness experts: warm-up your muscles on the treadmill for 5 minutes. Don’t do this too hard – just choose a moderate intensity. In addition, you will need to work as hard as you can: run 10 minutes on the treadmill, then change it with a stationary bike for 10 minutes. You will also need to work 10 more minutes your elliptical and finally finish this workout with 10 minutes on the stair mill. Of course, you must cool down after that, so walk it off. Mixing up will help you burn much calories.


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