Red foods may help to protect against cancer

Red foods may help to protect against cancer

The researchers have found that high levels of carotenoid containing products reduce the chance of developing breast cancer as well as ovarian and uterine cancer. When the body lacks carotenoids the possibility of suffering from cancer is much higher.

Red and orange products are ideal for prevention of cancer. People should eat more fruits and vegetables. The most useful are red apples, carrots, tomatoes, beets, melons peaches and apricots.

The researchers have also confirmed that drinking red wine is a good way to prevent cancer. Red wine contains natural antioxidants – substances that protect cells against aging and mutation. It should be also added that a misconception that the healthiest wine is old wine is wrong. If you want a wine that really has beneficial properties, you should choose wine that is one year old. In other words, younger wine can help more to prevent cancer. Don’t forget that a healthy amount of wine that should be consumed a day is 150 grams.



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