Remedies for swollen feet

Remedies for swollen feet

During the summer, most of us start noticing that we can hardly wear the shoes bought in winter. Swollen feet can be caused by numerous factors that can only be accurately determined by your doctor. Swelling is the fluid accumulation in our cells and the legs may start to swell for various reasons – even if you eat food containing protein or low potassium. Swelling mostly starts when the weather becomes hot, we play, stand or walk a lot or shoes are unsuited. The legs may start swelling when human suffer from heart disease, before menstruation, because of the use of contraceptives and blood pressure-lowering medications. Doctors say that the most common cause of leg swelling – the heart and kidney disease. Weak heart causes the blood flow decrease, liquid is absorbed through blood vessels and cell walls by various body parts.  People who suffer from kidney disease often face the whole body swelling while people with weak heart face only the swollen legs.

If you are suffering from heart and kidney disease, it is advisable to drink black radish juice mixed with honey. Start with a half cup of this juice a day, then increase this amount by two glasses per day.

Onion juice is also very useful to drink in the evening: cut 2 medium onions into thin slices, pour over the sugar and leave for a night. Then squeeze the juice in the morning and take two spoons every morning.

You can also use parsley because it’s a very effective plant promoting urine excretion and reducing the swelling. Preparation:

Grind the parsley with its roots and mix a glass of this puree with half a liter of boiling water. Keep the bowl warm for 6-8 hours and then leave the liquid. Additionally, stir in the juice of one lemon and sip this drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days. After making a three-day break, repeat the treatment again.

Chop and place in a pot 800 g of parsley, pour over the fresh milk and heat until half milk is evaporated. Leave the liquid and drink 1-2 tablespoons every hour.


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