Restaurant toy givaways should be banned?

Restaurant toy givaways should be banned?

Even though fast food restaurants are being more and more criticized, McDonald’s is still a popular place to grab a hamburger. It’s a place that is especially popular among young people and kids. Kids get even more attracted to choose something like Happy Mean as it contains some toy additionally to a food complex. The idea of giving something extra seems to be very nice, however, when it comes together with fast food it becomes questionable.

San Francisco lawmakers came to the conclusion that only healthy meals can include a toy. This means that, first of all, the food has to meet the requirements of nutritional standards, such as calories, fat and sodium. A meal will now have to have fewer than 600 calories, fewer than 640 milligrams of sodium and less than 35 percent of calories from fat (with an exception for some healthy items, like nuts).

Toys are considered to be tools to attract children to buy more food as the more often you buy it, the more likely to get the entire set of toys. It doesn’t mean that toys will be completely banned from being included to meals. Restrictions should only control what food is included into special meals for kids.

Fast food restaurants call this restriction misguided and not corresponding to people’s wishes. McDonald’s claimed that they have never heard people asking to do so. However, the board explains their solution by providing the facts and the fact is that almost 30 per cent of fifth graders are overweight.


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