Risks that hide in a cigarette

Risks that hide in a cigarette

Here’s a list of the main poisons that hide in a cigarette. Besides, it is suitable for any kind of cigarettes so if you say that you smoke extra light cigarettes, this won’t help here. Hopefully, this will help you understand that smoking actually kills.

Carbon monoxide

Cons: blocks the delivery of oxygen in the body and impedes breathing.

Pros: you will start valuing every breath you take as every breath may be the last one.


Cons: stimulates nervous system, enhances the amount of dopamine, which increases heart rate and blood pressure levels. Moreover, it is three times more toxic than potassium cyanide.

Pros: dopamine is used as a drug that affects nervous system, so you can be sure that you have minimum chances to develop Parkinson’s disease.


Cons: Just as nicotine, acetaldehyde promotes addiction to cigarettes. In addition, it’s the main compound causing cancer.

Pros: if you try repeating this name many times, you develop you language skill and everyone will say: “Although he died from cancer, he was very eloquent.”


Cons: acetone has a strong effect on nervous system and the ability to accumulate in the body.

Pros: your girlfriend will always have nail polish remover.


Cons: poison that can kill.

Pros: you can boast about having something in common with Napoleon Bonaparte.


Cons: about 70 percent of resins from tobacco smoke retained in the lungs. They contain substances that cause cancer. Lungs are clogged causing swelling and mucus.

Pros: men care about the size, so they will be able at least to boast of a higher breathing apparatus.



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