Save your tendons!

Save your tendons!

People of all ages complain about ligament, muscle and tendon sprain – from mild ankle sprains to sport injuries and acute back pain. Strained tissue is swelling quickly and inflammation can develop there, so this type of injuries can be very painful.

Injuries of ligament and tendon often occur during trauma or because of sudden and strong muscle exertion. Ligament and tendon sprain is nothing more than a partial rupture. Tendons can also be damaged because of permanent monotonous movements. In this case, tendon inflammation is very often.

What symptoms indicate that you can have ligament or tendon injuries:

• Swelling

• Acute pain in joints

• Acute pain in tendons

• Restricted movements of the limbs

• Joint instability

• Bruising

What is the treatment?

Swelling and pain relief. Damaged joints are reinforced with elastic or some special mandrel. Sometimes plaster splint is used. In order to relief pain, it is recommended to put something cold to the injured part. In some cases, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications are used.

Rupture of ligament usually requires surgery. Ligaments or tendons are reattached to the bone.

Rehabilitation therapy. The goal of it is to improve damaged limbs and restore former strength and flexibility.



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