Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth

Tooth sensitivity is more a complex of various symptoms than a disease. It may be caused by worn enamel, naked roots of the teeth, gums shrunk, irregular tooth brushing or periodontal treatment. Tooth sensitivity can be also caused by whitening paste, which has lots of rustic particles, or teeth whitening procedures. Sensitive teeth react to temperature changes (warm, cold), when eating sweet or sour food. The pain usually appears out of nowhere and it is sharp and short.

Tooth sensitivity is an old problem which initiates various researches all the time. Although there are new treatments for tooth sensivity invented, it should be remembered that the most important thing is prevention. Sensitive teeth should be cleaned using the pastes with higher fluorine content. This content is often written on toothpaste package and it is expressed in ppm units (ppm – parts per million, 1000 ppm is equivalent to 0.1 percent of pure fluorine). Adults who have no problems with their theeth should use the toothpaste that contains about 1100 ppm of fluoride and the paste for those who have sensitive teeth should have about 1450 ppm of fluoride.

When teeth are sensitive the proper oral hygiene is very important. People should visit their dentist to have oral hygiene, remove plaque (stones) and, if necessary, replace old fillings at least twice a year. Mouth and teeth cleaning techniques are also very important – tooth sensitivity is often a result of too hard toothbrush and a strong pressure on the teeth cleaning. As a result, tooth suffering enamel and gums start to bleed. If your teeth are sensitive, you must use only a soft toothbrush, besides, pay attention to the ones that have bristles made of synthetic fibers.


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