Seven rules on how future mother should eat

Seven rules on how future mother should eat

When pregnant, the most important rule is eating every 2.5 to 3 hours. This will help you not to feel extreme hunger and fall for the food as a starving wolf. After eating delicious breakfast, you should later enjoy a healthy fruit snack. Your lunch should also not be a three-course meal – it’s better to pick one dish and eat it with pleasure.

Another rule you should follow is to avoid filling up your stomach. This will not only reduce your work performance but you will also feel full. Instead of soup, drink a glass of unsweetened freshly squeezed juice and choose a large plate of fresh vegetable salad with hard-boiled eggs, fish, seafood, poultry or cheese. It is better not to use sauces that have already been prepared, such as mayonnaise. It’s recommended going for the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. For your next break, drink a cup of green tea and eat a banana or an apple.

Keep in mind that your dinner should be composed of light meals. You can safely choose pasta with a homemade sauce (not synthetic one), various dumplings, pancakes, cheese or vegetable terrine, vegetable stew with meat and without, various grains, boiled potatoes or legumes for the side dish and boiled on a steam or baked fish. Your dinner should be 3 hours before going to bed. If you start feeling hungry when there is a time to sleep, drink ½ cup of buttermilk with a banana or eat 100 g of natural yoghurt.

So, remember:
Eat at the same time every day
Do not eat a heavy meal before your bedtime
Drink at least 1.8 L of unsweetened liquids
Eat 100 grams of cheese or 200 g low-fat plain yogurt every day
Eat 100 grams of fish or lean meat daily
Drink 100 grams of orange or other fruit juice
Eat 100 grams of black bread or a whole-grain cereal


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