Should we count calories or not?

Should we count calories or not?

There are lucky people who can eat everything in a row without thinking how many calories there are in a bar of chocolate or a piece of cheese. Unfortunately, there are also those who constantly think about slim body and calories or every single bite. There are many special tables showing how many calories a certain product has and they can be found anywhere on the Internet.

One of the most discussed question is how many calories can we get throughout the day. For example, bananas are fruits and fruits are healthy to eat. However, those who count calories will probably refuse eating bananas as they contain lots of calories. Instead of that calorie counters will choose more vegetables, for example, carrots, radishes, cabbage and so on.

There are lots of people who refuse eating normal breakfast, lunch and dinner at all and instead concentrate on numbers and grams. Is it bad or good? Do we have to count calories at all? And if we don’t, how will we know that every bite we ate would not become an extra pound?

Actually, only those people who like calories counting should do that. Other people do not need it at all and it looks unnecessary for them. They only know that a piece of cake is bad and an apple is good. Sometimes that is more than enough.

So do not make yourself count calories just because your friends do that. Just choose healthy food and don’t abuse sweets, meals made from flour and fast food. Choose more vegetables and fruits. If you really want something sweet, enjoy eating dried fruits.



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