Should we really use chewing gum?

Should we really use chewing gum?

Is chewing gum that healthy as it says on TV commercials? Does it really protect our teeth from cavities and gives good smell? What do dentists say about it?

In food industry chewing gum is made as a mean of providing cleaning and freshness of the mouth cavity. It is also a great stimulant for saliva secretion. Chewing gums composition usually includes a resilient, generally, plant materials, aromatic and flavor additives. When we chew it the gum is softened because of the temperature and saliva. This way we also clean our mouth cavity.

The positive effects of chewing gum are chewing muscle workout and a good oral cleaning. However, abuse of chewing gum chewing can lead to an increase in workload and adverse effects on the teeth. Therefore, if you have periodontitis, chewing gum is not recommended.

Dentists do not recommend chewing gum which contains sugar as it gives you more harm than good. Besides, you cannot have it longer than 15 minutes, or until you still feel the taste of it. Stay away from chewing gum containing sugar substitute, fluorides, and other substances which can cause decay.

Chewing gum should be taken after meals. Do not have it on an empty stomach as you can get unpleasant effects associated with the gut and stomach diseases.



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