Should we really use microwave ovens?

Should we really use microwave ovens?

Almost the whole world can’t imagine its life without the microwave oven because it’s a handy kitchen helper. Microwave oven helps not only for defrosting, but for warming up your food leftovers, steaming vegetables, preparing fish or meat. However, it is also widely spoken that this new technology can initiate various health problems for us. So, what we should really know about them?

When food is heated in the microwave oven, it starts breaking down into various molecules that do not appear when using other cooking methods. As a result, our body gets new molecules that can hardly be recognized by our body because some of them are carcinogenic. According to the research by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, it can be confirmed that microwave ovens are really harmful to human’s health because it causes a decrease of hemoglobin levels in the blood. After analyzing the data of volunteers who ate foods prepared only in micro ovens, it was found that their cells were receiving less oxygen that those who ate normally prepared food. In addition, it was also found that they had an increased cholesterol level and more white blood cells than usual what makes the body vulnerable for stress, infections and various toxins.

Experts claim that all these results are caused by electromagnetic waves that remain in the food and reach our body. This study reveals that even the water heater microwave oven, changing their structure. However, manufacturers are developing more and more advanced technologies to eliminate microwave radiation. Some of them have applied a radiant heater system, which is helps to ensure that foods will be heated safely and smoothly. So, before you start using a microwave oven, make sure it is safe.


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