Side effects of hormonal contraception

Side effects of hormonal contraception

Everyone is aware that hormonal contraception has various side effects – from simply annoying to completely unbearable. On the one hand, woman is able to cope with much bigger pain than she thinks, but why to struggle when you can avoid this suffering? Here are some advices that should help you overcome the side effects of contraceptive use.

1. Headaches, tension in breasts
Please be patient. According to New York’s Columbia University professors, side effects usually disappear as soon as body adjusts to the drug. If head and chest tension continues, try other contraceptives.

2. Nausea
Once you start taking any contraceptive, you may start suffering from nausea. However, nausea should disappear within a few months. If nausea persists, women should start taking birth control pills together with food. If you use the contraceptive ring or patch, it is advised to try alternative methods of contraception.

3. Mood swings
If the mood is really due to contraception, but not because of any other reason, you may need to switch to non-hormonal contraceptive measures. According to doctors, if a woman’s mood gets worse just after taking the first pill, another pill will not help, so you should simply stop using them and choose alternative hormonal contraception methods. However, if you don’t wish to stop using it, you can ask your doctor to prescribe antidepressants.

4. Bleeding
This is a side effect which women are the least tolerant for. In some cases, this stops after you start drinking the pills every day on exactly the same time. Bleeding is a very common side effect of choice of contraceptive injections, so women exhausted by bleeding are recommended to contact their doctor and try anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen.


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