Simple body’s spring cleaning

Simple body’s spring cleaning

Nutritionists say: everything should be eaten in moderation. However, sometimes we just can’t resist eating bad foods and additionally find our taste buds exhausted. If you feel so, you need a spring clean. Here are four things that should be cut off for one week:

Added sugars

Sweetened foods are not only linked to the risk of heart disease or high blood pressure. If we eat them daily, we unnoticeably increase their quantities and find ourselves some pounds heavier. So, you should avoid such things like chocolate candies, cookies (even if they are made from oats and raisins), peanut butter, and ice cream. If you start thinking about something sweet, eat fruits because they are naturally sweet.

Saturated fats

Saturated fats are the reason of increased bad cholesterol levels in our blood. So, in order to help for your heart and arteries a little bit, try to give up cheese for a week. Besides, you should also avoid other fat dairy products, such as butter, meat and all fried foods.

Refined grains

According to new dietary guidelines, more than a half of our grains should be got from whole grains. They not only give fiber but also are connected with longer life by reducing the risk of cardiovascular, infectious and respiratory diseases. So, instead of regular pasta, white bread and white rice, it’s recommended to choose whole-wheat pasta, whole-grain bread and brown rice.


On average, people eat 3,400 milligrams of sodium in a day when 2400 mg is allowed by doctors because sodium is closely connected to the risk of heart disease. So, cut off soy sauce, packaged snacks, canned beans because they all contain significant amounts of added salt. Besides, use sodium in moderation when cooking something and try to replace canned foods with fresh fruits and vegetables.


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