Simple things that will help you to relax

Simple things that will help you to relax

Psychologists say that mindfulness – the ability to feel environment and life in the present moment – helps to reduce stress, which we experience on a daily basis. Here are eight simple tips on how to improve your mindfulness and reduce the pressure felt every day and clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and tension.

Use your non-dominant hand
If you are a right-handed, use your left hand for a teeth cleaning, hair brushing or eating soup. If you want more, try using your non-dominant hand when eating Chinese food with chopsticks.

Don’t leave a trace

Choose one room and try to leave no sign that you are using it. We would recommend you choosing bathroom or kitchen. When doing something in this room, cooking a meal or taking a shower, try to leave no trace or mark. Only delicious food and soap scents can be left!

Look at your hands
Every time when your hands are full – printing, drinking coffee or doing something else, watch at them like they belong to other person. It helps to feel better how you perform the action.

When you eat, just eat
When you are eating or drinking, don’t do anything else. Sit down and take some time to offer your body a meal. You will wake up all the senses – taste, odor, colors, textures, sounds of bubbles.

Think about your close person once in a day – a family member, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend – and tell him a sincere compliment. The closer he/she is – the better. Besides, pay attention to the compliments that you get from others and think what emotions they create and if they help you to feel better.

Stop before you answer the phone
Every time the phone starts ringing, stop and breathe. This will take you from what you’re doing and prepare you for a conversation.


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