Skin cleansing in spring

Skin cleansing in spring

Spring is perhaps the most beautiful time of the year when everything around starts to grow, bloom and shine. However, your skin may start to look the opposite – it may become pale and gray. Who is to blame for dehydrated skin and what to do in order to improve its appearance in spring?

First of all, you should know that sun is the number one factor that takes the moisture from the skin. Hand in hand with the dry indoor air in winter, sun reduces water and lipid levels in our skin and leads it to vitality loss. Our skin becomes dry, more sensitive and loses its elasticity. So, that’s why experts recommend next to your spring garden or house work, include skin recovery as well.

The first thing you must know is that you should avoid washing your face with tap water. It is hard and dries out the skin, so after washing your face with it, you should spray some mineral water to bring back the balance. Hot water can also dry out your skin, so try to bathe under warm shower only. You should also avoid using soap or other cleansers that contain residual alkalis because they have drying effect. In addition, frequent use of soap and other sparkling cleanser changes skin’s microflora balance what results in the loss of protective layer. This is an excellent ground for acne-causing bacteria.

So, for your daily cleansing, you should try using oils and water. To remove your make up, choose jojoba, grape seed or argan oil mixed with some herbal water. Just take a cotton disk, pour over some oil and water and work over your face to remove all the dirt and prepare your skin for other procedures. After cleaning, you should moisturize it, so apply oil or cream according to your skin type.


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