Sleep and weight. Lose weight sleeping

Sleep and weight. Lose weight sleeping

If you want to get rid of extra kilograms, but a balanced diet and regular sport does not help, you should carefully explore your sleep habits. Difficult to control appetite, desire for sweets, fatigue are all of which lead to a poor quality of sleep.

Sleep and energy

The most common tip to get rid of excess weight is to eat less and exercise more. However, sometimes it is very difficult not even because there was a lack of will and determination. These days our lifestyle is very active and we constantly to maintain power. It is impossible to eat a little and stay active. O what to do? Pay attention to your sleep habits. Quality rest at night regulates appetite and allows to recover, that means without any extra effort to decrease appetite and greater strength for sports. Research shows that in order maintain a normal body weight, you need to sleep at least seven hours a day.

Sleep and weight

Remember the last time you slept poorly at night. How did you feel? Tired, irritated? Lack of sleep not only affects your well-being, but also the whole body. It slows down the metabolism, decreases sensitivity to insulin and our body starts to transform energy to fatty cells.

Sleep and appetite

Many people wrongly believe that hunger control is associated with endurance, but hunger is not controlled by thoughts. Hunger owns two hormones – leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells. The less leptin we produce, the bigger hunger we feel. The more ghrelin we produce, the more hungry we get and more nutrients we get are converted into fat. In other words, in order to control hunger, we need to control the release of leptin and ghrelin, and the best way to do it is to sleep enough.

Sleep and sports

The biggest enemy of fat is muscles. The more lean body mass is, the more energy the body needs and the less fat it accumulates. But the biggest muscles enemy is a lack of sleep. So make sure you sleep enough to keep your muscles in shape.



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