Small changes helping to improve lines

Small changes helping to improve lines

According to new research, even simple changes made in your habits can speed up metabolism and burn more calories! The best thing is that these techniques require minimal effort, so try them!

1. Eat breakfast and remember to choose the “right” products. Your metabolism depends not only on what you eat, but also on when you eat. The most important meal of the day helps you to fill your body with fuel won’t slow metabolism processes in order to save them. Start eating little and often so that your metabolism would work at the full capacity.

2. Have a good night sleep. Insomnia not only makes us irritable, but also leads to damaged health and the weight gain. According to the research, women who sleep five hour or less are more likely to gain some weight because the lack of sleep does not allow the metabolism to function normally and it starts to slow down. In addition, poor quality of sleep hormone increases the feeling encouraging us to eat more.

3. Intensive cardio. Your metabolism will be faster if even few times a week you will continue your cardio workout for 45 minutes. Studies have showed that after an intense cardio our metabolism is accelerated and helps us to burn about 190 extra calories.

4. Start building up muscles. Lifting weights can help you to speed up your metabolism because of one simple thing – muscles burn more calories than fat. 450 g of muscle burns 15-50 additional calories per day while the same amount of fat – only 2 calories. So, in order to prevent a reduction in muscle mass, women should start working out with weights several times a week.

5. Drink plenty of water. German studies have shown that half a liter of water a day can speed up our metabolism for up to 30 percent. This is just one of many reasons why we shouldn’t forget water.


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