Smoking women have a greater risk of getting heart disease

Smoking women have a greater risk of getting heart disease

Female smokers suffer from heart diseases caused by this bad habit much more frequently than men. The researchers of John Hopkins and Minnesota universities have made a research which claimed that women have 25 percent bigger risk of getting ischemic heart diseases even though women usually smoke less.

Dr. Rachel Huxley and Dr. Marc Woodward have analyzed 86 previously conducted studies that included the data of almost four million people. The researchers concluded that cigarette smoke is more harmful to women even though the process of nicotine metabolism occurs quicker in women’s body.

Previous studies have also shown that women who smoke have a two times greater risk of getting lung cancer comparing to men. Moreover, women find it much more difficult to quit smoking.

Scientists are concerned about the fact that the number of smoking women is growing fasted that the number of male smokers. Additionally, tobacco companies usually create commercials directing their products to women, for example, claiming that smoking helps to lose weight. Currently women make up one fifth of all smokers all over the world.



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