Snacking without gaining weight

Snacking without gaining weight

You had your meal only an hour ago and your stomach still grumbles? Or you can’t resist from snacking just after the dinner? Many of us are suffering from snacking which may lead to overweight and unexpected calories. However, it can be avoided by choosing wise products and healthy recipes. Try the ones written below:

Frozen peas. You shouldn’t believe those who say that frozen vegetables lose all their positive qualities. Such vegetables as peas should be kept refrigerated for no longer than three days because of the sugar which turns into starch very fast. Frozen peas remain sweet and pleasantly melting in your mouth, so they should definitely become one of your favorite snacks. Besides, there are only 55 calories in a half of the cup of green peas, so that’s why such celebrities as Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell choose them between their meals.

Apple Salad.
After the experiment made by U.S. Cornell University it was found out that three apples are enough for our daily snacking. However, even the most delicious apples can make us bored, so it is worth remembering a nice vegetarian recipe. You should cut the apples into slices, add some chopped walnuts and mix everything with a tablespoon of maple syrup. Nutritional value of this snack is only 100 calories.

Low-fat yogurt. In our stores it is quite difficult to find yogurt that contains less than 1 percent of fat. However, you should pay some time for searching because one cup of yogurt has only 80 calories. Of course, low-fat yogurt looks pretty boring, so it can be flavored with dried fruits or some nuts.

Fruit ice cream. Fruit ice cream means a huge piece of frozen juice which will take more time for you to eat it than the ordinary portion of ice cream. Besides, you will save some calories because that ice cream made of fruit juice contains about 80 calories when vanilla ice cream will give you from 300 to 400 calories. Fruit ice cream can be called a champion be the smallest amount of calories and almost no fats.

Chewing gum. Before you grab a snack – even the one from the previously listed – ask yourself whether you really want to eat. If you are unable to answer confidently, take a piece of chewing gum. In the latest studies it was measured the energy which is usually used in the process of chewing. By simply moving your jaw up and down, you can burn about 11 calories in hour. This number may seem ridiculous for you, but it can be added to the number of calories you did not receive because of refusing some snacks. In addition, the same scientists have calculated that chewing gum (if you chew it every day) may help to easily get rid of a pound of weight during a year.


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