Solving hair loss problems

Solving hair loss problems

Spring is the time when everyone wants to look beautiful. Perhaps it goes without saying that beauty begins with health – glowing skin, perfect figure and, of course, healthy, glossy hair. Unfortunately, winter caps and dry indoor air does not help for hair beauty – it becomes weak, brittle, starts losing the shine. Often, the problems that are associated with hair roots and brittle hair may reveal serious health problems. 

According to experts, many women still wrongfully believe that everyday washing up leads to the bigger hair loss problem. However, you can safely wash your hair every day. No matter how frequently you wash it, you will still lose the same 35-50 hair every day or up to 200 hair every week. Besides, intensive hair loss is normal for the women who started their 50ties. Dermatologists from United States have revealed that when there are 13 percent of women who complain about the increased hair loss before their menopausal period, after the menopause this number increases to 37 percent.

However, if the hair loss becomes really strong, it can be a sign of a serious disease. Women hair loss starts because of endocrine glands’ malfunctioning or ovaries disease. This is called androgenic alopecia. In order to solve this problem you should immediately contact your family doctor because food supplements and vitamins is not enough in this case. 

If you want to have beautiful hair, you need to take care of it constantly. In addition, you shouldn’t be naïve to expect that only the appropriate shampoo will solve your hair loss problems because shampoo is just a tool to support the care. In spring, some much-you should start using moisturizing and nourishing hair masks, balms and oils. It is also important to make sure that all the measures are selected according to the type of your hair. It, just like your face skin, can be both oily or dry.


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