Something that raises your mood for the entire day

Something that raises your mood for the entire day

Although it’s difficult to believe, food has significant effect on our mood. To make it clearer, let’s take an example of blood sugar levels fall and rise. Everyone knows that this is cause by the food we eat. These changes can lead to irritation and headache.

You should eat frequently in order to make yourself happy. Never have a longer break than 4-5 hours between your meals. Food is a source of energy and a lack of energy make you feel down and unhappy.

Limit sweets that you eat daily. They quickly raise your blood levels and later they quickly fall down which may lead to bad mood.

Don’t forget protein. A lack of it causes various ailments, you feel less productive at work and your immunity weakens. Products that are rich in fiber (vegetables, grains) improve your digestive system and provide you with energy for the entire day.

Sport is another great mean to raise your mood and improve your health. Summer is coming so it’s a great idea to start working out outside. Choose climbing, jogging, cycling, walking or whatever you like. This way you will not only make your body fit, but you will also start feeling a flow of energy and in general you will be happier.


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