Spring will show what you were eating at night

Spring will show what you were eating at night

Cold winter weather does not help to lose weight. Cold season makes us weather layers of warm clothes so you don’t even think about how you are going to look in summer when you can wear light dresses. However, as spring is here already, it is time to think about how we are looking.

First of all, do no blame cold season for putting extra pounds on you. Do not get into bad mood, because bad mood leads to consoling ourselves with sweet deserts. Little by little this becomes a habit and it repeats regularly.

You have to look at the situation rationally. Look at the calendar and say that from this day you will change your eating habits. It is now or never. Try to understand that you have to enjoy and value your food. Always eat at the same time and do not let yourself starve as this will lead to overeating.

Unfortunately, just eating less or not eating desserts is not enough. You should start working out. No time for the gym? Work out at home. You can find plenty of work out lessons on the Internet. Try to move more. Go walking to your job or to the shop.

Give yourself motivation. Have a look at your summer clothes and promise yourself that you will fit into them again. Don;t forget to measure yourself. Measuring will give you much quicker and more correct results than weighing.

Create new rules in your kitchen. First of all, start eating from smaller plates. Big plates make you eat more than you actually want to eat. Don;t buy any junk food. Make sure you always have apples at home. An apple is a great snack when you want to eat so badly that you cannot wait. After eating a delicious apple you can cook something healthy instead of eating everything you have in the fridge straight away. Always make lists of what you need to buy before going to the store. Don’t buy anything that is not on the list.



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