Staying healthy in the middle of winter

Staying healthy in the middle of winter

During a winter, our body constantly fights against various bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Thanks to our immune system, we do not get a different disease every day as we could. However, vitamin deficiency, stress and cold weather weaken our immune system and our body can break up. To avoid this, try following these tips:

1. Eat balanced food
Every day our body loses millions of cells. For their production, we should use right “building” materials that can be received by eating, drinking and breathing. According to doctors, our nutrition and the quality of food becomes a very important thing during a winter. They are really happy about the new tendency when more and more people use organic products that are grown without chemical products. Studies have also shown that we should also start using the supplements of probiotic bacteria. Probiotics, also called as good bacteria, can be also revived from yogurt, buttermilk, meat and other products. Studies have shown that even a single nutrient deficiency can weaken our immune system, so balanced diet is very important.

2. Move
Doctors seem to be tired of talking about physical activity and fitness benefits in prevention of various diseases. After various researches it has been proved that physical exercises enhance body’s resistance to various diseases and improve the immune system. So, start with traditional aerobics, fitness and swimming or simply go for dancing or yoga lessons.

3. Consume more fruits and vegetables
Such vitamins as Vitamin A, C and E help to cleanse our body from free radicals known for their harmful effect on healthy body’s cells. According to experts, fruits and vegetables help to improve our immune system because they increase antioxidant levels and help to destroy free radicals and reduce their harm. So, include some fruits in your breakfast menu in order to get important vitamins helping for your body all day long.


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