Stress at work leads to diabetes

Stress at work leads to diabetes

Long working hours and tons of activities throughout the day can lead to significant stress to your body. The researchers have begun linking stress to serious ailments. Studies have shown that stress may be a cause of heart diseases, influenza, metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure.

Some studies have shown that stress can lead to poor nutrition and promote consumption of alcohol which causes health problems. Latest studies have shown that stress can have a direct effect of body’s ability to process glucose which later becomes a cause of diabetes. In addition, stress can be a cause of high body mass index, smoking and reduced physical activity.

When stress at work becomes insurmountable, overworking can become a perpetrator of the three symptoms:

• Emotional exhaustion

• Physical fatigue

• Slower thinking

Such state can last even after resting. The causes of this “burnout” at work can be chronic stress because of insecurity and underestimation at work, everyday problems or even unexpected injuries.

Changes of blood pressure lead to diabetes. Many people that experience stress have lower blood pressure. However, diabetes is related to high blood pressure. An alternative explanation could be that stress causes changes in blood fatty acids and decreasing level of “good” cholesterol. This factor is associated to diabetes.



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