Suffering from fatique? It may be vitamin deficiency

Suffering from fatique? It may be vitamin deficiency

Vitamins are necessary for our body if we need it to function properly. They participate in tissue formation and energy production, so their deficiency is serious issue for our health and well-being. However, how to know which vitamins your body is missing? The answer is very simple:

If missing Vitamin A: You may start noticing more skin inflammation and respiratory tract disease cases, feel tasteless and powerless, your skin may become more sensitive. Besides, you may find problems with your eyes, stomach and liver. To determine whether you are lacking this vitamin, it is suggested to make a simple test – if you find no problems in adapting in the dark rooms, youhave enough this vitamin. However, if it takes 7-8 seconds for you to adapt, you should think about Vitamin A supplements.

If missing Vitamin B1 (thiamine):
When missing this vitamin, you may start suffering from fatigue, appetite loss, depression, impaired memory or dizziness. Besides, the loss of this vitamin leads to digestion, problems, weight loss, weakened muscles, heart problems.

If missing Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
, also known as vitamin G: If it is missing, you may start suffering from hair loss, vision problems, eye and skin dryness, dry lips, lip corner cracks, lack of strength including the apathy.

If missing Vitamin C
. If it is missing, patients usually complain about bleeding gums, slow wound healing processes, weakness and constant stress. Besides, they more frequently suffer from colds and various infections, complain about sleepiness and bad mood.

If missing Vitamin D
. When you are suffering from Vitamin D loss, it initiates musclepain, constant lack of energy, including fatigue, drowsiness and weakened immunity. Besides, it may initiate  depression and reduce body’s resistance to various disease.

If missing Vitamin E.
If it is missing, people complain about high or low blood pressure and constant migraine. Besides, the lack of Vitamin E increases the risk of cancer and  leads to decreased sexual power.


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