Sugar – the source of energy and good mood

Sugar – the source of energy and good mood

Sugar is the most common natural sweetener used worldwide. Usually it is associated with a tempting dessert or chocolate melting in your mouth. So it is not surprising that once you think of a diet, sugar is the first thing that you get rid of. However, our body cannot live without sugar as it is one of the main sources of energy and food for our brains.

Sugar is simple carbohydrates which provide us energy and helps to function our brain. For this reason we feel more active, we have a better mood and our concentration improves after eating a bit of chocolate. Nutritionists say that 50-60 percent of our calories should be carbohydrates and 10 percent of these carbohydrates should be sugar.

Sugar is often related to gaining weight. In fact we only gain weight if we get too many calories or more calories than we consume. Many people also don’t realize that sugar is not only in sweets. Sugar can be found in many daily products, especially drinks. It would be difficult to completely refuse sugar. However, doctors do not recommend completely stop consuming sugar. A lack of sugar can lead to baad mood and fatigue.



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