Sugar vs artificial sweeteners

Sugar vs artificial sweeteners

Never-ending obsession about the weight loss has changed eating habits of many of us, especially young people. Instead of the usual, now we choose diet foods and beverages and instead of sugar we have started to use artificial sweeteners. Traditionally, people use sugar for sweetening their food. However, after being invented as less expensive, having less calories and much sweetness than sugar, artificial sweeteners have also became popular. Trying to know, which is better and healthier to use, artificial sweeteners or real sugar, read the following pros and cons:

Artificial sweeteners are used in diet foods or sugar-free products, so they are really suitable for people following a strict diet. Those foods that have been enriched with artificial sweeteners, will have very little or no calories.
Artificial sweeteners do not initiate tooth decay because they don’t spread decay-causing bacteria in food. That’s why people who use artificial sweeteners have much healthier teeth.
However, similarly to sugar, artificial sweeteners should also be used with moderation. Some organizations limit content of this sweetener and allow only 5 mg of saccharin and 40 mg of aspartame for 1 kg of body weight.

To know the real impact for our health, artificial sweeteners have been researched by various institutes. Some studies have shown an adverse and detrimental health effect of artificial sweeteners.
After a research on aspartame (one of the most popular artificial sweeteners), various types of cancer, such as lymphoma, leukemia and tumors, have been found in many organs of mice that were included into this test.
While trying to investigate the exposure of saccharin and cyclamate, it was found that high doses of this sweetener can cause bladder cancer.
So, if you can’t live without sugary drinks, choose those that contain no artificial sweeteners, just sugar. To make your tea of coffee sweeter, use honey or put a little bit of sugar. The best and the healthiest juice is the natural ones. If you are very concerned about your figure, you can also use fructose – fruit “sugar instead of sugar.”


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