Sun may help to prevent skin cancer!

Sun may help to prevent skin cancer!

The sun is shining more and more often and calls us to get a nice summer tan. However, you have probably heard that sun can be harmful to your skin and it can even cause cancer. But did you know that sun can also be good to your skin? One of the main arguments of this is that the sun produces vitamin D. besides, the sun can even help you to prevent melanoma (the most dangerous tumor in the skin). Vitamin D also help to fight against malignant cancerous cells.

Testing vaccines that have been created to treat cancer, scientists have noticed that those vaccines that have more vitamin D are the most effective. Later they found out that a lack of this vitamin can cause melanoma.

Of course, this does not mean that you can stay in the sun the entire day. Whatever you have too much, it can became harmful. So you can relax in the sun in the hot summer day but not for too long. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen both on your face and your body.

You probably also know that the sun provides better mood so enjoy it and make sure to watch the time you spend in the sun.



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