Sunlight and vitamin D help to prevent various diseases

Sunlight and vitamin D help to prevent various diseases

Classically, together with summer we start hearing various alerts, talking about sun exposure and highly recommending looking after our skin. However, hiding from the sunlight sometimes is not the healthiest decision – according to some researches, the lack of sun may be the cause of cancer and mental illnesses.

According to experts, vitamin D is especially important for every person because it directly affects those genes that are associated with specific diseases, such as sclerosis, arthritis, I type of diabetes, cancer and dementia. People who live in cooler climate zones suffer from these diseases more frequently because they don’t get enough sunlight and heat. According to Oxford University’s researchers, vitamin D is closely related to 229 genes that additionally may initiate health problems.

It has been known for a long time that vitamin D deficiency can lead to the loss of bone tissue, brittleness or may even initiate cancer. Now researchers say that the deficiency of this vitamin initiates kidney function problems and increases the risk of miscarriage. However, it should also be said that patients can prevent these health problems by choosing proper therapy and nutritional supplements.

Some years ago, World Health Organization initiated studies that have been including hundreds of countries worldwide. The results of this research showed that the lack of B type UV rays is the second factor after smoking initiating lung cancer. It was also found that people who spend more time in the sun receive higher doses of B-type UV rays and have significantly less cases in lung cancer. According to scientists, Vitamin D is the most important mineral that makes human’s body to produce anti-cancer cells and reduces the risk of cancer, like prostate cancer in men, breast cancer in women and lung and bone cancer in both sexes.


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