Surprising causes of acne

Surprising causes of acne

You may be surprised by the fact that such things as jewelry or your mobile phone may cause the appearance of pimples. Even if you take care of your skin and wash it properly twice a day, you can still wake up unexpectedly broken out.  To win a battle with akne, pay your attention to:


Most of us use the towels more than once. However, this habit is not recommended for those who are suffering from pimples because of the increased growth of bacteria. After being used more than one time, towels can stimulate their reproduction. Make sure that the towels you use are made from cotton and cleaned in bleach to kill all the bacteria, causing acne.

Make sure that you change your pillowcase at least twice a week because it is a true example of the place where bacteria grows. The skin and the surface of the pillow creates a perfect environment for bacterial growth and widening.


It’s important that you drink plenty of water if you want to make your skin looking gorgeous. Besides, choose light food and stop drinking sweetened beverages.


Many women are suffering from metal and fragrance allergies. Facing continuous breakouts, they wrongly scrub their necks and put on drying lotions while trying to get rid of the pimples and red spots. However, they should pay attention to the jewelry they wear – even fabulous its piece may call out unexpected reaction. 


We touch numerous of different things throughout the day, like money, pens or steering wheel. If we forget to wash our hands, we spread all these bacteria on our face and increase the possibility if breakouts. So, it’s extremely recommended to keep your hands away from your face and wash them properly.


Every time people stop talking with their phone, they should wipe it down! Being cleaned with an anti-bacterial or alcohol towelette, phones stop spreading bacteria known to be causing pimples. Besides, make sure that your coffee mug, telephone or keyboard in the office is also cleaned properly – according to some studies, they may be dirtier than toilets!


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