The benefits of contrast shower

The benefits of contrast shower

Many people know about health benefits of contrast shower. Contrast differfFrom the usual shower in several parameters. First of all, we do not take it because we want to cleanse ourselves. Also, there is no need to use shower gel, shampoo, soap and sponges. Contrast shower is rather therapeutic health procedure.

What will you need for a nice shower

The purpose of a contrast shower is sharp temperature spikes that and have a positive effect on the body. Therefore, in order to perform the procedure correctly, you will need:

Time. Treatment time ranges from 10 to 15 minutes.

Bath or shower. During the procedure, standing, it requires that the shower head is attached to the wall. so it will be more convenient.

Water. From hot or nearly burning to the “dreadful, any ice.”

Towels. Preferably, at most lenient. The towel will be rougher, the better – body rub after contrast shower not less important part of the process than most bathing in cold and hot water.

How to do it correctly

Run pleasantly warm water for a short time – usually enough for 3-4 minutes. Stand after the shower until you are used.

Run more hot water. And increase the amount until you feel that it is how much, and burn (of course, without going to extreme). Try to survive for 2 minutes.

The cool water should sit for 30 seconds to a minute.

The entire procedure is repeated 3 to 5 times with hot and cold water , standing from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes. The procedure always ends with cold water.


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