The Jenny Craig Diet


The Jenny Craig weight loss plan is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the world at the moment. It has been used and recommended by a great number of people, including quite a few celebrities, such as Queen Latifah, Baron Davis, and Kirstie Alley. The reason for such popularity is, essentially, it’s effectiveness, but also it’s specificity – the Jenny Craig weight loss plan is not merely a diet – it’s a way of life, which covers what you eat, how you exercise, and what kinds of habits you should form.

This weight loss plan has been around for a while now: it began in Australia in 1983, and is currently available in a number of countries. The plan revolves around three components – Food, Body, and Mind.

As a statement to the effectiveness of the program, in a clinical trail performed in 2007, participants who dieted according to the Jenny Craig program lost 5 times more weight than those, who did it on their own.

Basic Ideas

The Jenny Craig weight loss plan is highly personalized: after a conversation with a consultant a personal plan is suggested for every individual based on their personal needs. The food for the diet, as well as the required supplements are provided by Jenny Craig. Weekly check-ups with a consultant will help you stay on track. The plan stays in effect until you have reached your goals – at this time it is assumed that you have the necessary habits to continue on your own. Should there be any problems, Jenny Craig provides maintenance support and access to online tools.

Exercise Component

Exercise is crucial to the Jenny Craig plan, but due to it’s personalized nature should not cause any troubles for anyone regardless of their personality or schedule. A critical point to this plan is that you incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle, which is done by utilizing professional Jenny Craig consultants.


Food is the biggest issue with the Jenny Craig plan due to the fact that the choices are limited and expensive (more than 100$ a week), and also because some of the required products may be difficult to come across. Having said that, this is only half the problem: a large part of the diet is rich in sugar and low on fiber, also, the lists contain a lot of additives, artificial ingredients, and even trans-fats. The Jenny Craig diet is probably more suitable for those who have little free time to make their own meals.


Given that this is not just a diet but a lifestyle change, there is a big learning curve. Components include retraining on nutrition, making food choices and lifestyle changes, and engaging in a fitness program. You need to regularly order your food, as well as shop for produce and dairy. Once you get the hang of it all and it becomes routine, it should get easier, and membership does include one-on-one consultations with a Jenny Craig professional that help you through the process.


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