The most common mistakes vegetarians do

The most common mistakes vegetarians do

Many people believe that vegetarian diet can make them healthier and slimmer as well. However, if you eliminate meat from your menu, you may also receive the effect which is opposite: it may be that your
diet won’t be balanced enough and you will even gain some unexpected kilos. According to nutritionists here are the most popular mistakes that are done by vegetarians who start this eating plan. In order to avoid unexpected extra pounds, you should never eat according to these vegetarian plans:

* Vegetarians who eat lots of cheese. Instead of choosing meat, these people start eating lots of cheese. They believe that cheese helps them to ensure the right amount of protein. Do not forget that cheese has lots of calories and fat, so it should be enjoyed in moderation.
* Vegetarians who eat lots of meat substitutes. All these foods they eat are ‘artificial’ meat packed in pockets, such as soy chicken dumplings, vegetarian sausages or vegetarian bacon. Unfortunately, these foods are heavily processed and contain abundant soda, which makes the body keep the liquids. Nutritionists recommend eating such foods occasionally, but never every day.
* Vegetarians who don’t like vegetables. Many vegetarians don’t eat enough quantity of fruits and vegetables and choose only grain, beans and vegetarian hamburgers that have lots of calories.
* Vegetarians who eat the same things, just without the meat. These people eat the same dishes that they have been eating before, only without meat. Keep in mind that meat should be replaced with other source of protein so that the body could get all critical materials. Besides, protein will help you to avoid hunger which may come out of nowhere.
* Vegetarians who buy only ‘vegetarian’ things. These people who grab all products having the words ‘vegetarian’ or ‘no meat on their labels. However, this may lead you to overeating. Cooking at home lets you know that you really eat healthy food.


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