The most useful drinks

The most useful drinks

Nobody can deny that water is the most necessary drink for us. However, we should not forget that there are plenty of other useful drinks.

Green tea. It reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It also helps to protect cells from free radicals, strengthens bones and has positive effect on our teeth. Green tea has no calories.

Mint tea. It helps to deal with stomach problems, improves digestion and has antiphlogistic properties. Mint tea relieves muscular pain and tension. It also has no calories.

Low fat milk. It contains complex carbohydrates, proteins and little fat, so it is absorbed slowly and we feel satiety for longer. Low fat milk maintains sugar level in the blood. It contains calcium which helps to burn fat and lose weight. 250 grams of low fat milk contains 120 calories.

Hot chocolate. It improves our mood, prevents cardiovascular diseases and helps to protect agains free radicals. One glass of hot chocolate contains about 250 calories.

Tomato juice without salt. Because of high concentration of lycopene, it protects against many forms of cancer (oral cavity, lung, stomach, liver, mammary gland, cervix, rectum, etc.). 250 grams of tomato juice has 43 calories.

Cranberry juice. It protects against gum diseases, helps to fight urinary tract infections. Choose only natural cranberry juice without any sweeteners as it already has lots of sugar. Do not drink more than one glass of cranberry juice per day. 250 grams of cranberry juice has 140 calories.

Orange juice. Vitamin C strengthens immunity. It is also a great source of folic acid. 250 grams of orange juice has 115 calories.



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