The sneaky disease – Migraine

The sneaky disease – Migraine

Nowadays, many of us have started to suffer from frequent headaches. Sometimes it’s just a short plain in your head but sometimes it’s the pain lasting from several hours to several days. Such pain of head is called a migraine.

In most cases, this pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, twinkling felt in the eyes and other vision disorders. During the attack of migraine, doctors advice spending the time in a quiet dark room lying in your bed, avoiding any kind of noise or other irritants. Any physical activity will only worsen patient’s health.

Symptoms of migraine:

The very first signs of migraine have been admitted to be visual disturbances, hand numbness, increased sensitivity to noise. Additionally, after 20 minutes patients start noticing a serious headache at temples. The pain spreads and covers one side of the head what leads the patients into feeling sick. Mostly, migraine attack lasts 4-72 hours.

Causes of migraine:

Doctors haven’t cleared out entirely what are the causes this disease, but it is known that there is a link between migraine and brain cells’ activity. When arteries are constricted, brain is not supplied with blood sufficiently. Because of that arteries start expanding and initiate the headache. Such spasm of cerebral arteries may be a result of weather changes, smoking and alcohol consumption, physical and mental stress. It has been noticed that migraine attacks young girls during the puberty or when hormonal contraceptive pills are used.

How to cope with migraine?

If you start feeling the upcoming migraine attack, the very first thing you must do is to take the prescribed medicine to relieve its attack. Some patients rely on acupuncture and homeopathy that help to influence the circulation. If migraine is caused by mental stress, patient should try psychotherapeutic treatment, which helps to learn better self-control.


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