The top 20 healthy foods

The top 20 healthy foods

1. Avocado. Miraculous product which helps to reduce your bad cholesterol levels in a very short period of time!

2. Apples. They are known to reduce bacteria accumulation in the body, help the stomach, and also reduce the risk of cancer!

3. Raspberries. This great source of Vitamin C will boost your immune system and will also help to lose some weight. After all, a glass of raspberries juice is only sixty calories!

4. Cranberry juice. They have been researched to have powers to protect you against urinary tract infections and eliminate harmful bacteria.

5. Apricots. Trying to lose some weight? Eat apricots! One fruit has only seventeen calories.

6. Garlic. Together with its protective powers against vampires, garlic prevents the common cold and maintains adequate microflora in the stomach.

7. Cantaloupe. It is rich in potassium, which protects against free radicals and reduces high blood pressure.

8. Carrots. They improve vision and protect against skin cancer.

9. Onion. Helps for the heart and improves functionality of thyroid and liver.

10. Tomatoes. Scientists say that we need only a half of tomato daily to make ourselves protected against cancer.

11. Milk. It’s a cartridge of Calcium. Remember that dairy products are particularly useful for pregnant women.

12. Raisins. These dried grapes are a great source of iron.

13. Figs. They contain big amount of potassium, which is beneficial to our heart and blood vessels. Vitamin B6, which is also inside, helps produce serotonin which is closely connected to your mood!

14. Lemons. They will protect you against cancer and improve the immune system.

15. Yogurt. This dairy product will effectively normalize your metabolism, improve digestion and reduce constipation.

16. Artichoke. This vegetable is known to lower bad cholesterol levels and protect against free radicals.

17. Green tea. If you drink on cup of greet tea a day, you will strengthen your immune system and will minimize the risk of heart attack.

18. Ginger. Helping to get rid of morning sickness, ginger is especially beneficial for pregnant women. Besides, it regulates metabolism.

19. Broccoli. It will give you the best protection against the breast cancer.

20. Spinach. Thanks to them, you will slow down the aging processes.


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