Things that may lead to the weight gain

Things that may lead to the weight gain

Numerous sociological studies conducted in the U.S. have revealed that attractive people are six times more successful in getting the job and earn 12-16 percent  more than their unattractive colleagues. So, it seems that being slim and attractive is worth it. However, sometimes even the hardest efforts, healthy diet and exercise, seem to be useless. So, where is the problem?

Lack of sleep

The fact that our weight grows up because of the lack of sleep can be explained quite easily. In particular, the lack of sleep changes hormone levels in our blood system and initiates the appetite changes. So, if you go to sleep late, you probably eat more snacks than usual.


When we are stressed, our body releases stress hormone cortisol, which increases our appetite. No wonder why so many people start thinking about food in stressful situations.


Weight gain is a side effect of antidepressants, occurring in 25 percent of patients using them. In addition, depression can also promote weight gain because it is associated with stress.


Anti-inflammatory steroids keep the fluid in the body and increase our appetite. In addition, the use of these substances redistributes fat in our body – they start moving up to the neck and face.

Other drugs

Antidepressants and steroids are not the only agents that have been found to be connected with the weight gain. The list of drugs capable to have effect on our weight includes medications from a mental disorders (such as schizophrenia), migraine, high blood pressure and diabetes. In order to find the best drug for you, consult with your family doctor.


Despite the stereotypes, there is no strong evidence that contraception leads to obesity. However, sometimes they may cause fluid retention in the body what additionally makes you think that you gained some weight.


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