Three biggest sun-protection mistakes

Three biggest sun-protection mistakes

Do you think that tan is a key component of looking sexual? Do you think that being tanned enough to look attractive? Dermatologists say that many young girls think that way. Here are three the most popular mistakes, which are made by even the most attentive fans of tanning salons.

Mistake 1
: Focusing only on face. You can look at woman’s chest and immediately tell how much damage the sun did for her. This damage increases the risk of cancer and aging processes. In fact, 90 percent of visible skin changes are usually associated with sun and thanks to it. While no one who is in his/hers twenties worries about sun exposure, there is a great number of women who regret not protecting their skin properly. Dark spots on the back sides of the hands, wrinkled neck and chest – this is a result of not using sunscreen. It takes only additional 10 seconds to be safe!

Mistake 2: You should continue applying the cream every two hours! Even more, if you are sweating or swimming – every one hour! This is the second warning, facing every woman, say dermatologists. According to the latest researches, 21% of people who use protective sun cream, don’t use it additionally although it is one of the most important factors in sun protection and UV damage. When staying outside for 2.5 hours without re-applying the cream, skin may burn because ingredients of protective cream are useless after just a few hours.

Mistake 3: Insufficient protection against the sun. Almost all dermatologists agree that women prefer the protection that has a high enough SPF. However, to get the SPF protection indicated on the label, you should spread the cream correctly – it should be applied similarly to vanilla ice cream layered with chocolate. Studies have shown that the average person uses only from quarter to half of the required quantity. If you know that you will be outside all day long, you should generously spread the cream on your skin to protect it properly. 


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