Tips for a healthy dinner

Tips for a healthy dinner
Even once in a week, every person should find some time to have a dinner with his family. This will not even calm down after a busy working week but will also let you refresh your brain power. Pay attention to these tips suggested by nutritionists that will help you to get the best result:

1. Avoid too much seasonings.
According to nutritionists, seasonings kill real flavors of the food what may lead to overeating. For example, lemon will kill wine flavors, rosemary kills fish, and parmesan cheese wins against mushrooms. To save basil flavors, you will need to refuse adding vinegar. Even the most popular spices, such as salt, pepper and vinegar, are nothing else but taste controllers, so try to minimize their quantities. 

2. Eat seasonally.
It would be naive to expect that mushrooms after freezing will have the same flavor and nutritional value as the ones freshly picked in the summer. To get the products of the best value, try to eat seasonally. When preparing a dinner, try to choose products that can be easily supplied by nature on this particular time of the year. 

3. Avoid poor combinations.
Such combos as the roasted meat dish and coffee, soup and freshly squeezed carrot juice or herring and ‘Fanta‘ should be avoided because they may cause digestive problems. When eating, try to choose a glass of simple mineral water instead.

4. Avoid overeating.
Huge portions cause various digestion problems that will not even make you sleepy and tired but may also lead you to health problems. According to nutritionists, one week calorie intake should be from 10.000 to 20.000.

5. Get rid of sauces.

The most popular sauce in the world is mayonnaise. However, it is loaded with fat – more than 60 per cent of the content is chemically refined oil and the remaining part – high cholesterol animal fat and preservatives. This sauce is unhealthy, so should be avoided. 


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