Tips for those who want to gain weight

Tips for those who want to gain weight

Many people are struggling for years in order to lose weight. However, there are people who want to gain some. People can have too little weight for many reasons: digestive tract diseases, malnutrition, fast metabolism, etc. If you don’t have problems with your health, usually it is just enough to adjust your diet.

Analyze your diet. For few days write everything that you are eating. One meal should be about 700 grams. So if you eat less than that for your breakfast, lunch or dinner, this might be a reason of small weight. If the amount of food you are eating is good, you should probably eat more proteins.

Eat healthy food. It would be ideal if you eat 5-6 times per day and only healthy food. Don’t do anything else while you are eating, as it can disturb absorbing all nutrients. Don’t forget to have snacks in between your meals, for example, dried fruits or nuts.

Get you proteins. You don’t have to eat fat food if oyu want to gain weight. Fat foods will only disrupt your metabolism and digestion. Incluse meat to your menu – pork, beef, lamb. Don’t forget porridges. The best fruits for those who want to gain weight are bananas, melons, grapes, mangoes and apricots.

Drink juice with fruit pulp. They are great to improve digestion. Eat desserts too.

Work out. If you start eating more, you may notice getting fat around your waist, etc. To avoid that you should start working out. Talk to a personal trainer that you are trying to gain weight and he will choose the best work outs for you.



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