Tips for your ideal weight

Tips for your ideal weight

If you can’t look at your reflection in the mirror and your favorite jeans have become too small, you need to rethink your eating habits and diet plan. Take your time and stop following those ‘quick’ diets because their results are temporal. Here are some simple principles that should help you to reach your beauty goals:

Don’t give any chance for hunger
People should start eating not when they are invited to the table but when they become hungry! Never suffer a hunger for more than 20 minutes because later you are more likely to grab anything what see – some sweets, a sandwich or even a set of fast food. Remember that the best interval between the meals is five hours. However, within these five hours you are allowed to eat some snacks, like one apple or one glass of milk that will help you to keep your metabolism at the highest level.

Don’t drink when eating
Drinking during the meal is equivalent to interrupting into your digestion and its processes. If you can’t eat without a glass of water or juice, dieticians recommend sipping some fluid but no more than one third of the portion. The first cup of tea or a glass of water should be drunk after 1 hour after eating.

Combine the products
Some products can’t be eaten together because they cause abdominal distension and your waist size may even double. For example, you definitely are not recommended eating mixing grapes, cabbage and milk because you will simply initiate fermentation process and increase the risk of stomach problems. Another combination that should be avoided is fat and carbohydrates. For example, the pork sandwich or cake with a creamy coffee will inevitably increase your waist size.

Choose an appropriate dessert
Some fruits – such as, pomegranates, grapefruits or cranberries – can easily be used together with meat or vegetable dishes because they require the same stomach acidity for digestion. That’s why you should feel free to combine these ‘sweet’ products with the main dishes.

Additionally, if you want to keep your weight, you should refuse a dessert. If you can’t do that, wait and eat the dessert after one hour of the main meal. The same can be said about the fruits: different enzymes are required for digesting the fruits and overall digestive system is loaded then. So, choose the fruits only until 18:00h.


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