Tips how to avoid cancer

Tips how to avoid cancer

Nowadays many of us have quite complicated lifestyle. We often have to rush and deal with stress. Every year, there are more and more cancer cases recorded. The only way to avoid it is by changing your lifestyle.

Drink more water and fresh juice. Water is the essential part of our body and natural juice has many nutrients that can prevent our body from developing cancer.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. The researches show that that fruits and vegetables contain lots of antioxidants and active components that create bad conditions for cancer to develop.

Don’t forget physical activities. Exercising is one of the conditions of good health and long life. It is proved that active people develop cancer much less often.

Spend more time in the sun. Although you cannot exaggerate because of UV rays and skin issues, don’t forget that sun also provides vitamin D and it is known to kill cancer cells.

Walk outside. Fresh air is crucial for good health. There are many electrified molecules in the air that strengthens our immune system and help to stay young.

Give up bad habits. This can be called an axiom. Drugs, smoking and alcohol lead to both physical and spiritual death.

Avoid using microwave. Many experts agree that cooking in microwave provoke development of cancer. Microwaves negatively affect genetic information which often results in production of radiolysis products. Our body is forced to adjust to such food and our cells cannot breath normally.


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