Tips on how not to get weight during holidays

Tips on how not to get weight during holidays

There are some many celebrations during the year: Christmas and New Year, birthday parties, parties at work, etc. With each such occasion we are seduced to eat more and more food and have plenty of drinks. Sometimes we have parties followed by parties so there is no surprise we gain kilogram after kilogram. According to various researches, after each party a person can gain 2-4 kilograms and we all know that it is much easier to gain weight than to lose it. So why don’t you make an eating plan that you could follow during holidays?

Eat as usually and don’t forget snacks during holidays

you have probably noticed that every time when you know that you will have a party at night, you don’t eat anything during the day. Unfortunately, this is really bad for our body. We slow down our metabolism when we don’t eat anything and later when you start eating double sizes of food, all of it goes to your body.

Taste healthy food

Not every meal on our holidays table is fat. You can eat salad as well. When you choose a cake for your birthday party, forget about kilograms of cream and instead choose fruit cake.

Exercise to burn extra calories

it seems that exercising is too big challenge during holidays, but try to prove the opposite. Find at leas 30 minutes for sports and you will burn 300 calories. This means that you will be able to eat 300 calories more without getting extra weight.

What matters is quality not quantity

you don’t have to try every single dish that is on the table. Choose 3-5 dishes that look the most attractive for you. If you think it has many calories, eat just a small portion of it. Do not eat everything that you put into your plate if you don’t want.



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